Post air discussion coming!I’m writing,because i just like to..(8)


I think(hope) your all waiting for the post-air discussion about Elemantary school musical,well,It’s on it’s way.

I’m writing as fast as i can,but please remember I live in Belgium(I know you don’t know where that is),so thats 6hours of time difference.There’s a lot to explain about the new episode,for the ppl who haven’t seen high scool musical.If you really want to know,DO NOT WATCH HIGH SCOOL MUSICAL!Therapy is very expensive these days…


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About the voting…

To come back on the post of Tash about the voting: It isn’t a joke.

You will vote.Ok?If you don’t i’ll trace your ip(yes we can see that),buy a plane ticket,and come to kill you in the night!No,don’t laugh!VOTE!

What happens if you don’t vote:

  • Family guy could win?(!!!???!!!)
  • You will die
  • South Park deserves the honour
  • and so on…

So,vote,or else…

Right here!

People's Choice Awards
Go to

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IGN interview with Matt Stone

The La Times already had an interview  about ‘About Last Night’ with Trey Parker, but now has one with Matthew Stone, co-creator of South Park. He talks about the reactions on ‘about last night’, the liberals who are frustrated with some episodes (Team america, for example), and so on…

This interview was obviously taken very quickly after ‘about last night’ aired, because Matt had absolutely no idea about the subject of the next episode, as you can see from this quote:

But right now, we’ve got to think of an episode for next week and we’re sitting here thinking “What the f*** do we do?” So I wish we had some huge issue that was obvious that we needed to do. So absent a worldwide issue that everyone is thinking about.

Apparently High School Musical is a huge worldwide issue? 😉

Click HERE for the entire interview.

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South Park is nominated for a People’s Choice Award!

South Park Nominated for a People's Choice Award!South Park is nominated for Favorite Animated Comedy for the People’s Choice Awards! The winner will be anounced live at PCA on January 7th at the Shrine, 6PM PST, and air on your local CBS channel.

That means you have plenty of time to vote for South Park, at

Do it now!

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About Last Night: Last chance to watch!

If you haven’t watched ‘About Last Night’ yet (that would be very surprising though), I suggest you do it now! Because by tomorrow, the episode will be off due to “pre-existing legal obligations.” Don’t panic yet, it’ll be back on the site by December 6th, and until then, you can still download it of course (YensCart already made a >post< with the downloading links).

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Production Blog for November 11th

This week’s production blog is written by the new PA David, who is elected by the other PA’s as the funniest/best-looking/smartest of them all. He says: ‘Do you like music? dancing? school? Then see High School Musical 3’. My advice is: you can watch it if you’re one of those Hannah Montana/Jonas Brother-fans, but if you’re not, I strongly recommend you to NOT watch it (pure horror!) ; )

Anyways, be prepared for the new episode, airing tonight, 10PM!

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Trey talks ‘About Last Night’

In the LA Times, Trey Parker talks about the episode ‘About Last Night’. We finally get to know that the creators did NOT make two episodes, depending on who would win the elections. Apparently, Trey was quite convinced of Obama’s victory, and he says that even if he didn’t win, they’d air the episode anyway.

Read the entire article online ‘here’

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